Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#PowerRangers21 Celebration Day 3: Favorite Villain and Livetweeting of "Once A Ranger" Parts 1 & 2

Today's #PowerRangers21 Celebraration Topic:

Favorite Villain:

My favorite villain of all time has got to be Ransik of Power Rangers Time Force. I like him because his back story is a lot more different and realistic then other villains. He was born from a DNA accident and was half-human, half mutant. Because he was different from everyone else, people shunned him for it. So, he decided to return the favor and punish those who ignored him. He also has a condition, thanks to a bit from a mutant, that makes him mutate at an alarming rate. Because of this, he has to take cyrem given to him by a man named Dr. Louis Ferex....who became his vengeful robot assistant, Frax. In the finale, he went even further by brainwashing Frax and making him control his own robot, Doomtron. After both of them are destroyed, he takes on the Rangers with ease. However, vengeance came with a price. He almost killed his daughter, Nadira in a warehouse after mistaking it as Jen, the Pink Ranger/ After seeing this, he realizes what he's caused and he turns himself in. He and his daughter come back a year later in Wild Force to help the Time Force and Wild Force Rangers and his mutant DNA is gone. He now lives in piece with his daughter.

I have to give credit to Vernon Wells for bringing this character to life. His accent and his mannerisms were just perfect for the character. This is due to him, of course, being in bigger projects such as "Mad Max" and "Commando". Ransik is also a perfect example of how people can change no matter what. I kind of wish that more villains were like him. It's better then them being killed off at the end. Plus, who doesn't love a guy who pulls bones out of his knee and spine and says witty lines so professionally like this one?

Today's #PowerRangers21 Celebration Episode: 

"Once A Ranger"
Parts 1 &2: 

While the 10th Anniversary had one episode to celebrate, the 15th Anniversary had a 2-parter......and to be honest, it wasn't that good. Unlike "Forever Red" though, this one did something a little bit different. They chose a mixture of Rangers from the past. 4 from the Disney era and one from the Saban era. The "Retro Rangers": 

Adam-Mighty Morphin Black
Tori-Ninja Storm Blue
Kira-Dino Thunder Yellow
Bridge-SPD Red (Yes, that's true)
Xander-Mystic Force Green

So, where are the Rangers representing Zeo-Wild Force? Nice job, guys.

Anyway, like I said, they tried to do something different with this one, but it really didn't turn out like we would expect. Then again, this is Operation Overdrive, so what ISN'T wrong about it? 

I'll be livetweeting the episode on my Twitter page using the hashtag #CountdownToPR21. Day 4 will come later today and then I'll be all caught up. 

Let the Power Protect you my friends.

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