Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 for Power Rangers

Here's what the year was like for PR. Pics come from their respectful owners or sources. (Again, can't remember the sources. Sorry!) This will also be my last post of the year.

We got very-very poor reversions of MMPR thanks to Disney. They were so bad ratings were worse then Jungle Fury and RPM.

Saban's new company Saban Brands LLC re-aquires Power Rangers and has plans to bring the 700 episodes to Nicktoons in fall 2010 as well as a new season on Nickelodeon in early 2011.

The original 5 MMPR make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con also giving away DVDs with the first episode also saying that reruns will start popping up in October. However that wasn't the case.

Power Morphicon 2, the first and only PR convention that's fan made happens. The first on happened in 2007.

Saban Brands re-launches as well as relieve the 18th season of the show, "Saban's Power Rangers Samurai".

The 5 Samurai Rangers participate in the 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade escorting planet earth down the streets of Manhattan.

Toys for Power Rangers Samurai pop up at Wal-Marts on the east coast. They will be fully distributed by January 2011. The show will debut on Saturday, February 5th 2011 on Nickelodeon.

With that being said, this concludes month 1 of my blog. Thanks for making this first month ranger-riffic! Until January, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays. 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UK/Australia Only Videos

Here's a list of the Power Rangers Videos that were ONLY released in the UK and Australia with the episodes on them. Pics come from this website.

Day Of The Dumpster 
High Five 

A Pressing Engagement 

Different Drum 
Food Fight

Big Sisters
Switching Places

I, Eye Guy 
For Whom The Bell Trolls

Happy Birthday, Zack 
No Clowning Around 

Power Ranger Punks 
Piece, Love And Woe

Dark Warrior 
Foul Play In The Sky 

Green With Evil Part 1: Out Of Control 
Green With Evil Part 2: Jason's Battle
Green With Evil Part 3: The Rescue 

Green With Evil Part 4: Eclipsing Megazord
Green With Evil Part 5: Breaking The Spell

The Trouble With Shellshock 
Itsy Bitsy Spider 

The Spit Flower 
Life's A Masquerade 

Gung Ho!
Wheel Of Misfortune

Island Of Illusion Part 1
Island Of Illusion Part 2

Calamity Kimberly 
The Yolk's On You 

The Rockstar 
Calamity Kimberly

The Green Candle Part 1
The Green Candle Part 2

A Star Is Born 
The Yolk's on You 

Birds Of A Feather
Clean-Up Club 

[UK Only]
A Bad Reflection On You 
Doomsday Part 1
Doomsday Part 2

White Light Part 1
White Light Part 2

Two For One
Opposites Attract 

Zedd's Monster Mash
A Monster Of Global Proportions

Zedd Waves 
Goldar's Vice-Versa 
[In the UK, it was a double feature]
Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Best Man For The Job

[Australia Only]
Storybook Rangers Part 1
Storybook Rangers Part 2

Wild West Rangers Part 1
Wild West Rangers Part 2

Ninja Quest Part 1
Ninja Quest Part 2
Ninja Quest Part 3
Ninja Quest Part 4

[Australia Only]
A Friend In Need Part 1
A Friend In Need Part 2
A Friend In Need Part 3

[Australia Only]
Stop The Hate Master Part 1
Stop The Hate Master Part 2
The Potion Notion 

[Australia Only]
A Ranger Catastrophe Part 1
A Ranger Catastrophe Part 2
Follow That Cab!

Andros And The Stowaway 
Mission To Secret City 
Ghosts In The Machine 
The Impenetrable Web

[Australia Only]
From Out Of Nowhere Part 1
From Out Of Nowhere Part 2
Countdown To Destruction Part 1
Countdown To Destruction Part 2

Escape The Lost Galaxy 
Journey's End Part 1
Journey's End Part 2
Journey's End Part 3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My PR Video Collection Of The Past/Present (In Release Order)

Well put, here was my PR video collection from the past and the present. Pics come from their respectful owners. (I can't remember the sources this time. Sorry!)