Thursday, February 23, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai-Episode 23-"Super Samurai"

(I just re watched "There Goes The Brides" and "Countdown To Destruction for Feb. 4th and Feb. 11th. No biggie)

So we start off in the park where Kevin and Mia are training with their weapons and blasting some "Mooger dummies". We then see Emily roller blading and Mike skateboarding. (What an MMPR: The Movie moment) Mike, of course being the clown, hits a railing. Emily calls for him. 

After an epic opening sequence, we see that all 4 Rangers are around this big puddle of red water. They then call Jayden, who's busy training and tell him to go and check it out. He looks at it briefly, then takes a branch (that just so happens to be there?) and makes it come in contact with the water. The branch burns a little bit and says it's "Sanzu River water meaning that the monsters are getting stronger bit by bit and now they don't have to return to the Neitherworld to recharge. The Rangers then decide to look around for other puddles. 

In the meantime, Xandred is upset that Dayu has abandoned him and Octoroo informs him that "Arachnor" is still around. He is and starts disturbing animals. At the bay, Mentor Ji shows up and gives Antonio the Black Box, meaning that it's almost finished charging. We then see Bulk and Spike get a video camera so that they can record the Rangers' fighting skills so that they can learn to fight the way they do. The Rangers find footprints that lead to the forest. Mike senses the footprints because the forest is his turf. Arachnor then go into a suburb and starts harming people.

The Rangers morph and arrive to fight him. Bulk's using the camera behind a bush. The fight, but it's no use. He escapes and they chase after him, but he retreats. It's not lucky for Bulk either. He forgot to put the memory card in.

The Rangers devise a plan and decide to trick them, however Octoroo knows and puts two barriers around the area so they can't morph. They try, but no success. Somehow, they access their Spin Swords and fight the Moogers. Jayden and Kevin both destroy the barriers and some-how they insta-morph and fight some more. They're not doing so good until Antonio arrives with the charged up Black Box, gives it to Jayden and he transforms into Super Samurai mode. He fights and defeats Arachnor. He grows and giant Moogers and Spitfangs show up with him. Jayden also has a "Super Mega Mode" and both Megazords are formed. They're useless against them and decide to combine both Megazords together to form the "Claw Armor Megazord". Even all 4 auxiliary zords form a big cannon and defeat the evil forces.

Bulk and Spike climb out of the rubble (Why and how?) and the camera is broken. The Rangers explain that the threat is getting stronger and they are going to need more power. They all do their stupid "Rangers Together, Samurai Forever" line and the episode ends.

My Thoughts:
FINALLY AFTER 22 EPISODES, WE FINALLY GET SOMETHING ORIGINAL. Yes the episode was mostly original footage and they didn't use Sentai footage till the end. The acting improved (minus Kevin of course) and the story was well thought out. The Bulk and Spike moment reminded me of MMPR and it was a great ride from start to finish.

However, there are some goof ups. One is that if the Rangers couldn't morph, how could have they assessed their swords? How did they insta-morph instead of doing the whole morphing sequence and how was Bulk and Spike in the rubble? In my mind, this was a little bit rushed and really should have been a 2 parter.

As such, this deserves a 4 out of 5.

Next week: Shell Game

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Episodes For February

February 4th-RPM #1: The Road To Cornith*
Ferbruary 11th-RPM #2: Fade To Black*
Feburary 18th-Samurai #23: TBA [NEW]
February 25th-Samurai #24: TBA [NEW]

*Subject to change

Announcement About Episode Reviews

There's a good and there's a bad.

The Good:
Starting this month, I will put a little more detail into the thoughts. (What happened in the episode, why I gave it that certain score, if I recommend it, etc.) That way, I'm not so boring all the time.

The Bad:
 I may have trouble getting these episodes because as you all know, those idiots shut down MegaUpload and FileSonic stopped also. And NO I don't have Netflix and NO I can't use YouTube as a place because most of the episodes have been removed. That does mean that episode selections are subject to change. (Meaning if the episode is not avalible, I'll watch another one.) So be aware. If anyone wants a suggested place to get episodes, leave a comment.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive-Season 15-Episodes 20 And 21-Once A Ranger Part 1 And Part 2

Now I can see why people hate this season. The guest cast should have gotten as much screen time as the main cast and the story just sucked. Personally, I thought "Trakeena's Revenge" was a whole lot better.

2 out of 5

Power Rangers Zeo-Season 4-Episodes 47 And 48-Rangers Of Two Worlds Part 1 And Part 2

It was.........OK. However, I feel that THIS should have been the finale and not the single "Good As Gold". Billy's departure was handled well, but not like Kimberly's. The Alien Rangers should have been in it more.

3.5 out of 5