Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Power Rangers In Space-Episode 40-The Impenetrable Web

A bit of a weak episode. It was alright, but I expected it to be a little bit better. The acting was still good, but the action could have been better and the destruction of the Delta Megaship was very short. (Since this was a German DVD rip, at times I heard the German voices actors whenever they grunted.)

3 out of 5 

Next week-
I'm not so sure, but I hope the episode I choose will be "timely".

Power Rangers Wild Force-Episode 26-The Master's Last Stand

For an episode that didn't have a single second of Sentai footage, it was awesome! The action was great, the acting was great and the effects looked real (as do all of the other Original Saban seasons)

5 out of 5

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episodes For The Rest Of December

December 18-Wild Force #26-The Master's Last Stand 
December 24-In Space #40-The Impenetrable Web
December 25-Mighty Morphin Season 3 #19-I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger 
December 31-????????????

Power Rangers Samurai-Episode 22-Christmas Together, Friends Forever

Another clip show, but unlike "Party Monsters" a clip show done well. I liked how each person got their own portion and the story was very very well put together. Antonio not being there REALLY screwed things up.


Next Week-The Master's Last Stand

Power Rangers Samurai-Episodes ?? And ??-Clash Of The Red Rangers Part 1 And Part 2

Yet aired out of order AGAIN!!!!

Still it was a great episode. The acting improved, the story was well set up and the plot was amazing. However, Antonio not being there was kinda stupid and well.....yeah. Still I loved it. Probably the highlight of the season.


Power Rangers Lighspeed Rescue-Season 8-Episode 21-The Fifth Crystal

Good, but not great

Had some great character development for Kelsey, but it was a little rushed.