Monday, January 31, 2011

Episode Week Day 1: Best Premieres

1: Day Of The Dumpster (MMPR Season 1: 1993-1994)

Obvious choice. This was what started it all. It brought all the elements together and got kids pumped up kicking and punching stuff.

2: From Out Of Nowhere Part 1 And Part 2 (PRIS Season 6: 1998)

Really good choice in writing and acting. It picked up from where Turbo left off and had funny moments with the past villains.

3: Force From The Future Part 1 And Part 2 (PRTF Season 9: 2001)

Good acting and writing. The one thing that was interesting was that we got to see a Ranger go down in battle with the main enemy BEFORE the finale.

4: The Mutiny Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (MMPR Season 2: 1994-1995)

Great transition from Rita to Zedd. However, I didn't get the whole ATV thing. It was kinda of uncommon.

5: Operation Lightspeed (PRLR Season 8: 2000)

Great episode. Great base. Great morphs. Great Hummer (WANT IT SO BAD). However, we know very little about the villains.

6: Lion Heart (PRWF Season 10: 2002)

Good but not great. Bad acting from only two people but it didn't tell much of the season's plot and theme.

7: Quasar Quest Part 1 And 2 (PRLG Season 7: 1999)

This was really weird. Bad acting from everyone. (Maybe it's me or it's because their characters weren't developing yet.)

8: Shift Into Turbo Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (PRT Season 5: 1997)

Not really a premiere, more of a filler 3-parter and Carol Hoyt as Divatox really didn't help it much at all. Nether did Porto.

9: A Zeo Beginning Part 1 And Part 2 (PRZ: Season 4: 1996)

Another cliffhanger premiere. But it wasn't a really good fight. Plus them morphing when they were ALREADY in the suit was kinda stupid.

10: Ninja Quest Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 And Part 4 (MMPR Season 3: 1995-1996)

This was horrible. It was at DIFFERENT storyline then the movie and Ninjor was a loon and a Dudley Do Right wannabe. It wasn't even the season premiere.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Battlizers Over The Years

Here's a look at the Battlizers over the Saban years. Pics from Power Rangers Central.

Red Battlized Ranger (In Space: Episodes 38-43)

This was the first Battlizer ever given. This was given to Andros in the Secret City with help from Carlos' friend. It was only around for 6 episodes.

Red Armored Ranger (Lost Galaxy: Episodes 33-45)

Leo received this armor after Karone freed a warrior from being turned to stone. It was destroyed when Leo used this to destroy Trakeena.

Mega Battles (Lightspeed Rescue: Episodes 26-40/Time Force: Episode 33)

These were given to Chad and Joel by Ms. Fairweather's brother. They were last seen when the Time Force Rangers and the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers destroyed Vypra and a super demon.

Trans-Armor (Lightspeed Rescue: Episodes 35-40/Time Force: Episode 33)

This unique armor was a cycle given to Carter by Ms. Fairweather. It was last seen when the Time Force Rangers and the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers destroyed Vypra and the super demon.

Mega Battle Armor (Time Force: Episodes 20-40/Wild Force: Episode 25)

This was given to Eric by Alex when his energy loss was critical. It was last seen when the Wild Force Rangers and the Time Force Rangers destroyed the Mutorgs. 

Red Battle Warrior (Time Force: Episodes 33-40/Wild Force: Episode 25)

This was given to Wes by a white knight. It was last seen when the Wild Force Rangers and the Time Force Rangers destroyed the Mutorgs.

Animarium Armor (Wild Force: Episodes 23-40)

This was given to Cole by the other Rangers in a other dimension. It was destroyed when Master Org struck at it.

As for Samurai, only time will tell.

Next Week: Episode Week!

Day 1: Best Premieres
Day 2: Best Finales 
Day 3: Best Teamups 
Day 4: Best Mutli-Parters 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nickelodeon Announces PRSamurai Time Slot

According to a Nickelodeon press release, it seems that "Power Rangers Samurai" will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 noon with new episodes on Sundays as well as repeats 8:00-9:00 P.M. Friday nights on Nicktoons. That is another epic fail (in my opinion) but it might work. Also quoted is a description of the "premiere" episode "The Team Unites" which really sounds like the 2nd episode. "Power Rangers Samurai debuts on Monday night February 7th at 8:00 ET/PT on Nickelodeon. (9:00 for states that have DST such as New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.)

"In the action-packed premiere episode, “The Team Unites,” after Mike can’t anticipate an attack like Kevin and Jayden, he grows frustrated and takes a break from training to meet up with old friends. But when a long-armed monster named Rofer attacks, Mike unsuccessfully attempts to fight him alone, and his friends are injured. Jayden and Mentor explain the hard truth that Samurai Rangers must stay away from family and friends in order to protect them from the dangers that are involved with being a Ranger. Inspired, Mike begins to take his role and training as a Samurai Ranger more seriously. With Jayden’s help, Mike uses his training and creativity to anticipate Rofer’s moves and defeats him."

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Ahead For 2011

Happy 2011! Let's see what happened for us so far.

I got a new Galaxy S

I got the first 4 Samurai figures.

Samurai premieres February 7th at 8:00 (9:00 my time because of DST.)

And the saddest news yet:
We have a congresswomen in serious condition.

GO! GO! 2011!