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Licensing Expo 2013- "Super" MegaForce Poster, Marketing, Press Release and More!

"FuryDiamond" of RangerCrew has attended Licensing Expo 2013 just like he did last year. (I have all the information here) He gave us information on Power Rangers MegaForce ranging from pictures to posters to logos, plots, behind the scenes tidbits and etc. He also gave us information on what was planned for the 20th Anniversary. 

This year, he attended Licensing Expo 2013 to get information on Power Rangers "Super" MegaForce, the second half of MegaForce that will being using the Gokaiger suits and elements. 

This is all the things he recorded. Thanks to him for working his butt off to get this. 

To see all of this in person, visit his blog.

Pictures belong to their reliable sources


Press Release

Nickelodeon to Debut Saban's Power Rangers Super Megaforce in 2014

All-new season to feature special morphing powers and SUPER MEGA action

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 17, 2013) - Saban Brands announced today that it will launch Saban's Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the newest season of Power Rangers, in 2014 on Nickelodeon. Power Rangers, one of the top rated and longest running boys live-action series in television history, offers SUPER MEGA action, excitement, humor and entertainment, while maintaining core themes of friendship, teamwork, fitness and helping others.

"As Saban Brands and Power Rangers celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the iconic franchise this year, it is more apparent than ever that the show has a strong connection to fans of all ages and backgrounds," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. "We are happy to continue our partnership with Nickelodeon and we look forward to entertaining our fans with more action-packed, SUPER MEGA adventures in 2014 with Power Rangers Super Megaforce."

The upcoming season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce focuses on the Rangers' mission to defeat a massive alien army Armada that was sent to conquer Earth. To face this threat, Gosei, a supernatural guardian who has protected Earth for centuries, gives the Rangers special morphers and keys, which allow them to morph into Super Megaforce Rangers. The Rangers also have an added special ability to morph into any team of Power Rangers from the past. These super-sized adventures can only mean one thing: the all-new Power Rangers Super Megaforce has arrived!

Power Rangers Megaforce, which premiered February 2, 2013 on Nickelodeon, is currently captivating audiences with superhuman characters who formed the ultimate team to battle the most malevolent villains.

Fans can visit for more information and look forward to new adventures with the Power Rangers Super Megaforce in 2014!

Poster/Brand Poster
According to FuryDiamond, this image was also used on notebooks that were handed out during the Saban Brands Summit. Personally, I like it. The way that they're standing on the rock and the energy coming from their swords are just amazing.
Brand Poster

Now, this small print and the table be a bit hard to read, so I will read it word for word.

*Action & Adventure
*Teamwork & Friendship
*Humor & Heart
*Responsibility & Life Lessons

*Boys 4-8

*7 days a week on Nickelodeon And Nicktoons
*20 new episodes
*Airing in 150 markets and available on demand with Netflix, Hulu, Xbox, iTunes and Amazon

*Top 2 games on
*2nd most-watched show on
*750 million+ views on YouTube

*Over $6 billion in retail sales and growing
*More than 100% sales growth 2012 vs. 2011
*200+ licensees with worldwide distribution at all major retailers


*Q1: Super MegaForce Premiere
*Q1-Q4: Nickelodeon And Nicktoons: New And Classic Episodes
*Q1-Q4: Vortexx On The CW: Classic Episodes

*Q1: Ongoing Promotions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and an all new Tumblr.

Q1: Marketing & PR Launch Campaign, Time Square Media and St. Patrick's Day Parade
Q2: White House Easter Egg Roll and E3
Q3: San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Power Morphicon and QSR
Q4: Halloween Safety, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Holiday Press 

*Q1-Q4: Retail Ads, Ranger Appearances, Palette Programs And In-Store Merchandise

Saban Brands Site

Licensing Expo Photos
FuryDiamond also took photos at the Saban Brands booth which featured suit actors, posters and products of Power Rangers and other Saban Brands properties. Here are the Power Rangers photos. To see the others which include Digimon Fusion and Paul Frank, go here.
via FuryDiamond: 
"Two Power Rangers Super Megaforce teasers were shown at Licensing Expo. One marketing and one standard teaser. The marketing teaser showcased Power Rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce, and Power Rangers Super Megaforce in addition to the overall brand. The standard teaser focuses on promoting Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Both teasers were entertaining and a great improvement from last year's marketing teasers.

My initial notes from the teasers:
* The teaser features sentai and original footage from upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce episodes and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
* The Rangers are seen helmetless in the Command Center
* Original footage of the transformation process (not morph sequence): Teens to Gosei Suits to Gokai Suits
* Legend War footage (as seen in Troy's Dreams)
* Gokaiger Content - Weapons, Zords, and Megazords
* Gokaiger Footage with Past Rangers
* Gokaiger Roll Call"

"The Power Rangers Super Megaforce product design was initially leaked on May 2nd. Thanks to Morphin Legacy and Silurian Ranger for the find. The image was originally found on Instagram and reposted on Tumblr. The Instagram version was removed within a few hours.
The Red Ranger Cycle comes with a Figure and a Ranger Key. The packaging doesn’t mention the Action Card Game, which will continue through 2014. The Gokaiger symbol is used for the Super Megaforce symbol in the product."

Graphic Novels
"Papercutz is currently planning their 2014 graphic novels, which will include the Power Rangers Super Megaforce season."

via FuryDiamond: 

"Power Rangers Super Megaforce will continue to tradition of 20 episodes and 2 holiday specials. There is no confirmation on whether the Mega War is an episode or a movie special. Power Rangers “Clash of the Red Rangers” was a one hour movie special. There will be a two-parter in the season. The season premiere will have an explosive entrance that integrates the ending from Power Rangers Megaforce and the start of Power Rangers Super Megaforce."

High School
"Power Rangers Super Megaforce will continue the high school theme that started in the first season. Ernie and Mr. Burley will continue their roles in the upcoming season. Angel Grove High will be referenced in the season."

Super Mode
"The Power Rangers will unlock a new Super Mode (Gokaiger Suits) that allows them to transform into past Rangers and summon new weapons and zords. The name for the Super Mode is not confirmed at this time but has been hinted as “Super Mega,” which was also used in Power Rangers Super Samurai. The Super Mode comes with a new Morpher (unnamed at this time) that uses the Ranger Keys to transform into the past suits.

There is no confirmation at this time on whether Ultra Mode will be utilized in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. We may see episodes start with original footage of the Goseiger suits followed by a combination of Sentai and original footage utilizing the Gokaiger suits and arsenal. The production team is well aware of the pre-Zyu suits and Gokai Green’s goofy nature in the Gokaiger footage. With 50+ Gokaiger episodes, we may see footage from multiple episodes in a single episode.

The Gokaiger Suits will be used as a power up in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The teenagers will use the Gosei Morpher to transform into the Megaforce Power Rangers (Gosei Suits). The Rangers will have the ability to transform to the Gokaiger Suits, which will act as the “Super Mode” (not confirmed name). This mode will allow the Rangers to transform into the Past Rangers form to match the Gokaiger footage. The Black Ranger will upgrade to Green Gokai Suit."
Ranger Keys
"The popular Ranger Keys will be used in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The Rangers will use the Ranger Keys to transform into the past Rangers.
The Key concept was very successful in Gokaiger and the Bandai product line. The keys were first seen in Power Rangers Megaforce season premiere “Mega Mission” episode. Bandai will include Ranger Keys in the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce product line. The Keys will replace the current Cards, which will be only appearing in future Action Card Game expansion series.

There are no plans for original keys (Titanium Ranger and Spirit Rangers) for the standard episodes. The Titanium Ranger was spotted in the Mega War footage. There is no confirmation whether there will be a Ranger Key for this iconic character."

New Villains
"Vrak’s older brother (known as Warz Gil in Gokaiger) and his armada will arrive to Earth at the start of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Vrak will appear in his final form in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The Gokaiger villains, foot soldiers, and monsters have been spotted on the set. Vrak’s brother was also hinted in Papercutz Power Rangers Megaforce Issue #3."

Robo Knight 
"Robo Knight will play a strong role in the Power Rangers Megaforce season finale and return mid-season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. There is no confirmation on whether he will remain for a single episode or the remainder of the season."

Silver Ranger
"Silver Ranger (Gokai Silver in Gokaiger) will join the team in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. He will utilize the power up mode (Gold Mode in Gokaiger). Cameron Jebo is playing the role of the Silver Ranger."

Jason Smith 
"Jason Smith (Casey / Power Rangers Jungle Fury) joins the writing team for Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Jason wrote 4+ episodes, including his own episode, for next season."

Season Tributes
"The concept of season tributes was another successful anniversary concept used in Gokaiger. There is no confirmation on whether season tributes will be utilized in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Jason Smith wrote his own episode, which may be considered as a guest appearance or a tribute-style episode. Alex Heartman filmed his episode earlier this year. A majority of Disney cast members were not contacted for Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive cast members were approached and later declined."

Mega War
"The Mega War, also known as the Legend War, will take place in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The war has been teased in Troy’s dreams, which focused primarily on the sentai footage and a quick shot of original New Zealand footage. The war has been re-filmed in New Zealand to feature cameos and the Titanium Ranger. Jason David Frank and 10 past cast members filmed the Mega War episodes on May 25-26, 2013.
The returning cast members for the Mega War are: Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt, Alison MacInnis, Sean Johnson, Selwyn Ward, Patricia Ja Lee, Danny Slavin, Melody Perkins, Reggie Rolle, Hector David Jr, and Brittany Pirtle. The casting team contacted most of the original Saban-era cast members. Several cast members were interested but declined due to being contacted at the last minute or were uninvited due to the limited budget.

Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt, Hector David Jr, and Alison MacInnis shared photos from their trip in New Zealand. You can view more of the photos on RangerCrew Blog."
That's it folks. Once again, thanks to FuryDiamond for working his butt off to get this information. For more, visit RangerCrew Blog and also visit the RangerCrew Forum. Also follow him on Twitter: @RangerCrew.

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