Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moments from Power Morphicon 2012

How dusty is this blog? 

Hey guys, I'm back and better then ever. I will try to get all my YouTube and blog rolling again, and with Morphicon 2014 about 2 months away, it's appropriate to start with this. 

As you may have known (or don't since I've been gone for so long), I attended my very first Power Morphicon in August of 2012 as a Silver Ranger Attendee and it was amazing. This was the 3rd one and it was pretty big, this one will be even bigger. 

Leading up to the event, I will update this post over time with my videos and pictures from the 2012 event just to show you how incredible it was. 

Let the Power protect you Ranger Nation. 


Michael Maize-Physco Black's voice

Samurai Rangers Morph

Red Ranger Flash Mob

MegaForce "Hype" Teaser Trailer


Me and "Big Red"

Me and Quantum Ranger Cosplayer

The Quantum Ranger Himself, Dan Southworth!

Samurai Cast

For more info on Power Morphicon 4, visit

Cut off date for tickets is July 31st, so get yours today!