Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#PowerRangers21 Celebration Day 2: Favorite Crew Member and Livetweeting of "Forever Red"

Today's #PowerRangers21 Celebration Topic:

Favorite Crew Member:

By no stretch of the imagination, my favorite crew member on Power Rangers is writer/current executive producer, Judd Lynn. (And yes, that's him at Power Morphicon 4 with the Dino Charge cast. More on that later.) For those who are not aware, Judd Lynn was the head writer on Power Rangers from the 2nd half of Turbo in 1997 all the way up through Time Force in 2001. He returned to the franchise as an executive producer in 2009 to finish up RPM after Disney fired Eddie Guzelian for going over budget. He is now back in the franchise again as Executive Producer for Power Rangers Dino Charge (and beyond hopefully) taking Johnathan Tzachor's place (Executive producer of MMPR-Wild Force/Samurai & MegaForce).

His writing was excellent and he really knew his stuff. He's the one who said "The audience is getting older, so let's have the show grow up with them." Through his original tenure, every season got more and more mature as time went on. In Space was the first example of that. Lost Galaxy was considerably more dark then its predecessor. Lightspeed Rescue was also a bit darker then it's predecessor given it's war against demons and Time Force was it's darkest of them all. Even Wild Force, while he had no involvement with that season at all, was probably influenced by his writing tone. That was thanks to "Chip" Lynn himself. He knows his stuff well and was the king of Power Rangers writing. His stories are for all ages, not just children. Trust me, when the Time Force finale aired, my mom cried a few times due to the things going on and the dialogue that was being said. Kinda wish that he held a writer's workshop for the writers for Samurai and MegaForce.

Now he's back and his biggest push is in the writing department. He is actually moving the writing staff over to New Zealand so that they can interact with the cast more. An influence that Samurai or MegaForce never had since those episodes were all written by 4 or 5 people at an office building in Los Angeles and were just mailed (or emailed) to Auckland.

He'll make the show enjoyable again. I'm sure of it. , Just about a week and a half ago, he did an interview with Henshin Justice. Go check it out.

Today's #PowerRangers21 Celebration Episode: 

"Forever Red":

This episode doesn't need any introduction from me. Every single Power Rangers fan knows of this episode and they either love it or hate it. I am in the "love it" category as it is my favorite episode of the whole entire show. As stated above, while not written by Judd Lynn, it was probably influenced by him. This was going to be a 2 parter, but with Saban transferring over to Disney at the time, it was shrunk down to a single episode...and it was the best 22 minutes in the entire series. At least that's what I think.

I'll be live tweeting this episode on my Twitter page using the hashtag #CountdownToPR21. Day 3 and 4 will come tomorrow. 

Let the Power Protect you my friends. 

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