Sunday, February 27, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 3: Day Off

This episode was really good.
The acting has improved 100 fold. The message was good,the new BettleZord and the cotten candy was a great reference to MMPR.

Next Sunday, I will review Sticks And Stones.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai's First Two Weeks Were GO-GOing

On this morning's Cynopsis Kids, we got this little message from Saban Brands:
16.8 Million People Watched Saban's Power Rangers Samurai™ In Week One!
#1 With Kids In Its Time Period!
17% Ratings Increase In Week Two!
Wow! That was completely out of left field.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 2: Deal With A Nighlok

This episode was better then the first. The acting was improved, the plot made sense and it was fun to watch. It also had more ratings then Spongebob did in the last hour when it aired. It got about 3.115 million viewers. It was pretty sweet. For this, I don't have much to say about it. 

I will be back next Monday to talk about Episode "3". 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have a YouTube.

I do have a YouTube channel where I will do reviews and other tidbits. I will have some stuff up by next week. Check it out here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Let The Wolf Out?

Yeah. I decided to stop the Curse Of The Wolf synopsis thing. You can find the episodes on YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1: The Team Unites Review

How can I put this in a good way? BEST WORK IN 8 YEARS. Sure some of you are saying the acting was bad and it wasn't the premiere but it was good for what we got. I liked the whole concept of the episode and Bulk being involved again. What I also liked was the cold open and the freeze frame at the end. The only thing about the episode I didn't like was the number of puns that the monster used. Just way to much. For the "premiere" episode, I give it a 3 out of 5. However, it was announced at the special showing in Los Angles yesterday that a origins episode will be aired soon. 

Didn't catch the debut. No worries, you have the chance to catch it again for the next 5 days

Tonight at 6:30 PM: Nickelodeon 
Tomorrow at 7:00 AM: Nickelodeon 
Thursday at 3:00 PM: Nickelodeon 
Friday at 8:00 PM: Nicktoons 
Saturday at 12:00 PM: Nickelodeon

Don't miss the next "new" episode of Power Rangers Samurai this Sunday at 12:00 PM on Nickelodeon. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Samurai Premere Sneek Peeks. has released yet another promo and 4 clips from the Season premiere of PRSamurai. Go to No Pink Spandex to view them or if you wish. 

I will be back on Tuesday to review the first episode of PRSamurai.

Episode Week Day 4: Best Mutliparters

 Pics come from Power Rangers Central.

1: Green With Evil Parts 1-5 (MMPR Season 1: 1993-1994)

Probably the best one and the longest. It was a good transition from bad to good and great battle sequences. 
Loved it.

2: Dark Spector's Revenge Part 1 And 2 (PRIS Season 6: 1998)

Great great and great. Turning Astronema and Ecliptor from good to bad was pure genius. The episode title should have been different though.

3: Passing The Torch Part 1 And Part 2 (PRT Season 5: 1997)

Good transition from the old to new. Better then The Power Transfer for sure. It should have ended in the first half instead of the start of the 2nd half.

4: Clash For Control Part 1 And 2 (PRTF Season 9: 2001)

Good, but not great. Shouldn't have been a 2-parter, but it worked. The fighting between 2 of a color was a pretty nice touch.

5: The Lost Galactabeasts Part 1 And Part 2 (PRLG Season 7: 1999)

OK. It was weird having the Blue and Green be controlled and attacking each other. I didn't see the sense in that.

6: From Deep In The Shadows/Truth Discovered (PRLR Season 8: 2000)

It wasn't a 2 parter, but it should have been. The introduction to the Titanium Ranger was pretty sweet. I didn't like the monster having a very little appearance at the end. 

7: The Master's Herald Part 1 And Part 2 (PRWF Season 10: 2002)

Should not have been a 2 parter. I mean come on. I understand the whole Master Org returning thing, but the ninja Org was pointless. He reminded me of Darkonda.

8: Where In The World Is Zeo Ranger 5?/King For A Day Part 1 And Part 2 (PRZ Season 4: 1996)

Should have been 3 parts. Bulk and Skull fighting the Cogs was pretty cool and funny though. It didn't make any sense though with Gasket.

9: Changing Of The Zords Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (MMPR Season 3: 1995-1996)

Good. But Kat should have become the new Pink Ranger in this one. And the Falconzord being captured was pretty messed up.

10: Storybook Rangers Part 1 And Part 2 (MMPR Season 2: 1994-1995)

Should have been one single episode. Nuff said.

Episode week comes to a close. Thanks for the support.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Find Out Which Samurai Ranger You Are!

It's true. If you have a Facebook, visit the Official Power Rangers Facebook page and click on the quizzes tab. I was more of the Green Ranger. Power on Power Rangers Nerds!

Power Rangers Official Facebook

Episode Week Day 3: Best Teamups

Since there was only 7 in the Saban Era, here's my top 7. Pics come from Power Rangers Central.

1: Forever Red (PRWF Season 10: 2002)

This was an epic anniversary episode. It had all of the Saban Era Red Rangers and great battle sequences. However, it would have bee nice to see Aurico unmorphed. 

2: Reinforcements From The Future Part 1 And Part 2 (PRWF Season 10: 2002)

This was a good one. It was ALL-AMERICAN and it had ALL AMERICAN FOOTAGE. Merrick wasn't seen in this one so much.

3: To The Tenth Power (PRLG Season 7: 1999)

This was another good one....except it should have been more planned out. It would have been nice to see Zhane in this one or even an evil Physco Silver.

4: Time For Lightspeed (PRTF: Season 9: 2001)

OK, But not that well done. How was Vypra burried? Why didn't Ryan apper till the end and why did they have those stupid Demon Zombies instead of attack Cyclobots?

5: Trakeena's Revenge Part 1 And Part 2 (PRLR Season 8: 2000)

Bad, Bad and oh yeah: BAD! Trakeena was played by a different person, Leo had another voice when he was morphed and the Lost Galaxy Rangers are hardly in it.

6: Rangers Of Two Worlds Part 1 And Part 2 (PRZ Season 4: 1996)

Horrible! This wasn't necessarily a team-up. More of a special guest if you will. I didn't get the point in this.

7: Shell Shocked (PRIS Season 6: 1998)

This was REALLY HORRIBLE! It wasn't even a teamup. It was bad and the show was only around for a year. So why did they bother making a team up for a show that failed?

The other teamup-ish episodes were True Blue To The Rescue and Always A Chance from In Space. But they only had one person each. So I don't call them teamups.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bulk Is Back!

Yesterday, an IGN article reveled that Bulk will return to PRSamurai when it debuts this Monday. Here's a little video that they released. This video was uploaded on YouTube:

And this was released today Via Power Rangers: Official YouTube Channel:

And this was also released today on an Entertainment Weekly article which has a little 20 second video. 

Only 6 more days till the new era begins.

Episode Week Day 2: Best Finales

1: Countdown To Destruction Part 1 And Part 2 (PRIS Season 6: 1998)

This was epic. It featured all of the past villains and an epic battle. The scene where the villains changed good at the end was well thought.

2: The End Of Time Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (PRTF Season 9: 2001)

This was based of the Japanese finale. But it was better written. It really tied everything together and all the villains stayed till the final part.

3: Journey's End Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (PRLG Season 7: 1999)

This was really interesting. But weird at the same time. The villains had to be destroyed one at a time and Trakeena was the last one standing. It featured to much explosions and a lot of sparks.

4: The End Of The Power Rangers Part 1 And Part 2 (PRWF Season 10: 2002)

This was the series finale to the Saban era (or so we thought). It was good, but MOST of the characters were pretty slant and I felt that Jinerax and Toxica should have stayed for this helping the Rangers out.

5: The Fate Of Lightspeed Part 1 And Part 2 (PRLR Season 8: 2000)

This was OK. But it was kinda boring. When I say that, I felt that Carter and Ryan should have been in Part 2 more. I'm surprised they left this uncut after 9/11.

(This is from RangerCrew.)

6: Chase Into Space Part 1 And Part 2 (PRT Season 5: 1997)

This was pretty sad but not that well thought. The battle should have been longer then 10 minutes and the first commercial break should have been after the Power Chamber blew up. The whole NASA thing was pointless.

(This is from Ranger Archive)

7: Hogday Afternoon Part 1 And Part 2 (MMPR Season 3 1995-1996)

Wasn't that well of a finale and the explosion of the Command Center was bad. Adam's expression when it blew up was pretty stupid.

8: A Friend In Need Part 1, Part 2 And Part 3 (MMPR Season 2: 1994-1995)

Wasn't that necessary. Probably the worst mutli-parter in the MMPR saga. It was used for the Season 3 premiere and was used to introduce Masked Rider which failed ultimately.

9: Hawaii Zeo/As Good As Gold (PRZ Season 4: 1996)

Not really a finale, but it would have been cool to see one. The whole thing with them growing to fight Mondo was weird and why didn't they wait till the Turbo movie for Ernie to leave? It was weird.

10: Mighty Morphin Mutants/An Oyster Stew (MMPR Season 1: 1993-1994)

These were just two filler episodes. It would have been nice to see a 2-parter when Rita was going to be put into space. But they waited till Season 2 to do so.