Friday, March 9, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai-Episode 24-"Shell Game"

The Rangers are training at the Shiba House, Mike and Kevin are using their swords and Emily's practicing her symbols. Back in the Neatherworls, Xandred is still mopping until a monster named Armadeevil arrives and he goes out to the city. Antonio in the meantime decides to go fishing and he accidently drops his morpher.

Bulk and Spike come across the morpher and thinks that it's an ordinary cell phone. Bulk says that they need to return it to it's rightful owner. Meanwhile, Jayden and Mia are grocery shopping and of course, Mia gets some ingredients that don't go together. Ji calls them and tells them to go to the arena. He tries and calls Antonio, but Bulk picks it up and he and Spike go there instead. As Armadeevil attacks, the Red and Pink Rangers can't get through his hard shell, neither can the others. Bulk and Spike arrive......and then run away. Armadeevil retreats.

Back at the Shiba House, the Rangers try to come up with a plan to defeat the monster. Ji tries calling Antonio again. but of course, Bulk and Spike freak out and drop it. Kevin then says he has a plan. Armadeevil attacks once more and Antonio doesn't even notice.

Soon, the Rangers come and fight Armadeevil and break through his shell using their symbols. Jayden gives Kevin the Black Box so that he can become the Blue Super Samurai Ranger. Kevin defeats the monster, the monster grows, the Rangers form the Claw Armor Megazord with out Antonio, a bad MMPR Season 2 style Megazord fight and woop dee doo, the monster's defeated.

Bulk and Spike decide to leave the phone right where they left it and Mike and Emily show up and realize why Antonio hasn't been avalible all day. They show him and he has 34 missed calls. The two decide to let him sweat about it. Master Xandred whines some more and has his "medication".

It was an OK episode. The plot was good and it turned out really good. However, I didn't like how Antonio was underused, sure the Shinkenger episode that they were using the footage was the episode before the Gold Ranger was introduced, but they could have worked something out. Also, Kevin NEEDS acting classes.

3 out of 5.

Trading Places and Something Fishy will be up some time next week