Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-S2-Episodes 1-3-The Mutiny

It was kinda weak. Not as weak as other season premieres, but still pretty weak. Lord Zedd should have done more and where the heck did Scorpina go? It was rushed I believed and what was more surprising is that when they said "fish", it sounded like another word we all know.

I give this a 3 out of 5. It was good in some areas, but not really. That's Power Rangers for ya I guess.

This Saturday, I will be watching the Power Rangers SPD 2 Parter "S.W.A.T". Check back in 2 weeks for a review.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disney's Best Seasons

ALL RIGHT. Like I said before, this blog doesn't really focus on the Disney era. But I have to admit, there were 3 Disney seasons that they did pretty well on. And here they are. Pics come from Power Rangers Central

Dino Thunder-2004-38 Episodes

Now this was a good idea. Brining back Tommy was a pleasant surprise, the acting was pretty good and there were references to MMPR. The only problem was that I wished that they made the Triassic Ranger a different person instead of a power up for Conner.

S.P.D.-2005-38 Episodes

YES! YES! YES! This season was the best out of all the Disney Seasons and it deserved to be. The acting was pretty good, the story was original and having Ron Wasserman (the composer for the show's music MMPR-PRIS) come back was AWESOME! This season was a very successful one so I've heard.

Mystic Force-2006-32 Episodes

It was OK, but not as good. It felt rushed and incomplete. Ron Wassermann was supposed to make the music, but only made a rock and rap demo theme. (the rock being the best). The music was pretty kick butt and the characters were entertaining. This was the last Disney season to be successful so I've heard.

Ever other Disney season was GARBAGE! 
And the rest is history.

Power Rangers In Space-Episode 25-Always A Chance

This episode was good, but not as good as "Zhane's Destiny". The plot was kinda rushed and Adam overacted a little bit. One thing I noticed during the episode was when Adam morphed and told Carlos to leave, you could see his stunt actor through the visor. This was in because it was a restored episode take from the German DVD box set of the season. ABC Family it seems darkened the picture so that wasn't noticeable. How odd. 

4 out of 5

Next week I will begin "The Mutiny" 3 parter so I will report back in 3 weeks.