Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1 Episode 60-An Oyster Stew: Summary And Thoughts

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Zack wants to once again impress his crush Angela by getting her some pearl earnings for her birthday. However, he's broke and can't get anything genuine. Rita then gets the idea to give Zack some "Pearls of Stillness" in which, who ever puts the earnings on freezes everything around them. Zack buys them cheap from a Putty disguised as a strange man. Later, Zack and Angela along with Tommy and Kimberly go to the cafe and eat. After the 2 guys leave to clean up after an incident, Angela begins to put the earrings on. The other 3 Rangers rush in to tell her not to, but its to late. Zack and Tommy go and fight the Oysterizer and Tommy even gives Zack his shield. The Oysterizer gets weakened and somehow, this undoes the spell. Angela dumps Zack, but then he and the other 5 get back to work. The Megazord/Dragonzord defeat him. Angela later then apologizes for being so materialistic. 

Well I first saw this episode on ABC Family in October 2004 and I gotta say watching it for the second time in my life, it's a very clever episode. It has a good moral about "not buying friendship" and what not and had some unique moments like Zack wearing Tommy's Shield, the Megazord being used for a fight underwater and Bulk and Skull's singing. (Not to mention Zack's). However, there were some "hiccups" in this one. One, how did defeating the Oysterizer break the spell that the pearls caused? Second, why did Zack morph twice? Couldn't have Zordon contacted the other 4 Rangers on their Communicators and tell them that Zack and Tommy needed them at the beach instead of Zack demorphing, going back to the cafe, tell them and morph again? And finally, what was the point about that big pearl in the ocean? This didn't feel good enough to end Season 1, but it would have made sense seeing how in Season 2 they would get a new threat. Mighty Morphin Mutants would have been a better final episode though.

Overall, it's a decent episode and deserves a


MegaForce returns next week.

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Robo Knight
March 30th 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Suits From Gokaiger To Be Used As A "Super Mode" For The Second Half Of Power Rangers MegaForce

Well, it seems that the 35th Anniversary Season of Super Sentai, "Gokaiger" will be utilized in the second half of "Power Rangers MegaForce" a power-up. Yes, you read that right. As a power-up.

This was stated by Fury Diamond on RangerCrew's Blog:
How can you not love the beautiful Gokaiger suits?  I’m not an active Sentai fan, but I got pure respect for Gokaiger’s success in the anniversary elements.  When I first heard about Goseiger suits in Megaforce, I was disappointed that Saban Brands would either skip the Gokaiger suits or use them two years later.  The Goseiger Suits will remain as the primary suits in Super Megaforce, but we will see the Gokaiger suits as expected.  Power Rangers Super Megaforce will focus on Gokaiger footage to promote Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Megaforce using the Gokaiger suits and past Rangers.  The season will have cameos, but no confirmation on their usage and who has been invited.  The filming photos have leaked Jason Smith’s possible appearance in the season.  The filming photos showed Black Wild Force Ranger and Lost Galaxy Rangers, which are two of the transformation “powers” that we will see in Super Megaforce.
The Gokaiger Suits will be used as a power up in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.  The teenagers will use the Gosei Morpher to transform into the Megaforce Power Rangers (Gosei Suits).  The Rangers will have the ability to transform to the Gokaiger Suits, which will act as the “Super Mode” (not confirmed name).  This mode will allow the Rangers to transform into the Past Rangers form to match the Gokaiger footage.  The Black Ranger will upgrade to Green Gokai Suit.  They will use appropriate footage (existing and new) to match Jake’s personality.
There is no solid confirmation on whether Gokai Silver will be used, but we will most likely see this suit used as the Sixth Ranger to match the Gokaiger footage. As much as I would love to see an original Silver Ranger, I doubt that they will want to waste the fantastic Gokaiger footage.
If they use the Gokai Silver suit, I hope that they find a way to explain the Gokai Suits usage. They could take the approach where Gokai Silver’s team was defeated and the powers are passed down to the Megaforce Rangers. This would require Gokai Silver to appear in the first episode.

Now I personally want to see how this concept is played out. It puzzled me when Gokaiger was going to be used in MegaForce's second half back at Comic Con 2012. Now I see why. Keep in mind though that this won't happen till next year and things could change.

I would like to see how it turns out, though I will admit I would have liked them to be a team of "Rival Rangers" which would be something new for the franchise, but hey. We can't control that can we? This will also be the 2nd season in which there are 2 sets of Ranger teams. The first was back in MMPR Season 3 with the core 6 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the 5 Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. 

What do you think about this?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Power Rangers MegaForce-Episode 7-Who's Crying Now?: Summary And Thoughts

Pictures come from MegaForce Cast.

Troy runs into bullies at school that are making fun of him because he's "the new kid." Troy doesn't give in to their teasing and looks them dead in the eye. The main bully, Roy, asks him if he's going to cry. Troy then states "Take a good look. You see any tears?". The bullies just back off from him. Troy then sees them taunting another kid, smaller and heavier named Howie about an insect he has and is holding the container. Troy tells them to back off and show respect. They do so. Creepox in the meantime wants to defeat the Rangers all by himself once and for all. He does so and runs into two bullies who were teasing Howie once again. However, Howie protects them with the same words that Troy used to protect him. The bullies escape and Jake and Gia arrive just in time to save Howie and tell him to retreat. The two are severally weakened by the battle and Creepox escapes. The other three arrive to assist the two. Emma stays behind while Troy and Noah head off to face Creepox. Creepox however is to strong and Noah is injured. Troy remains strong however and faces him. With one quick streak of his Dragon Sword, Creepox in defeated. Vrak summons his Zombats as Creepox grows. The others arrive and morph and form the Megazord. However, Creepox is way stronger then they expected. However, Gosei comes to the rescue and offers them a new card that can combine all their Zords together to create the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. (Sky Brothers, Land Brothers, Sea Brothers and Ultra Change Zord sold separably) With it they defeat Creepox.....for good. In the end, the bullies are nice to Howie doing what Troy told them about respecting other people. 

This episode defined great. There was a lot of action, plot and all around good storytelling. For starters, the episode was about bullying. I like that being used as a topic as I was a victim of it. Bullying has become more common in our society today and it's good that a show like this is teaching children how to deal with it instead of just being frightened or starting a fight themselves. Creepox I am surprised was defeated pretty quickly. The reason why is because Saban is skipping Goseiger episodes because of importing Gokaiger elements in the 2nd half. The last time a villian was defeated early into the season was Furio back in Lost Galaxy when Magna Defender came along. The insta-morph was beautifully shot and the cinematography looked great. The Ultra Gosei Great however was also used as another marketing move for Bandai and the "Ultra Change Zord" was never explained (Look up Goseiger Datas to understand that) and Gosei and Tensou ONCE AGAIN are not used. 

Still, despite minor flaws, this episode was amazing. My favorite so far. It deserves a


There will be no new episode next week thanks to the RIG-ourous Kids Choice Awards. As such, "Robo Knight will air on March 30th. 

Next week's review will be a classic episode.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Power Rangers MegaForce-Episode 6-Harmony And Dizchord: Summary And Thoughts

Pictures come from MegaForce Cast.

Troy is jogging in the forest when he hears singing going on. He realizes it was Emma whose singing apparently powers nature. Creepox introduces a monster named Dizchord whose music is loud enough to hurt humans ears and cause misery. This effects Troy and Emma the most and they can't really fight. Later on, Dizchord activates a generator that can transmit his music globally. People worldwide feel his pain. However, Emma's singing curses it somehow and plans are ruined. Monster grows, Megazord fight, defeated, Episode over.

This was the first episode so far not to introduce any new arsenal.......and it shows. This was a terrible episode. It was to slow, boring and bland. While Emma's singing is beautiful, the song she sings makes me think that Princess Shayla will come in on the Deer Zord and join in. Also, Vrak was a bit of a problem. In the last episode, he needed armor to go down to Earth, but here he was fine....why? I know with THAT episode it was from a Goseiger episode that happened later then this one, but they could have made some original footage. 

This episode was a BIG miss and deserves a


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Who's Crying Now?
March 16th 

Power Rangers MegaForce-Episode 5-United We Stand: Summary And Thoughts

Pictures come from MegaForce Cast 

Malkor introduces a new monster named Beezara who, like Vrak comes from royalty. She casts a spell on Gia and Emma that makes them bicker. Later on, during a fight, the girls fighting gets in the way of things and Beezara captures Troy, Noah and Jake into being her minions. Meanwhile, the girls realize that they're under a spell and learn that "the power of friendship overcomes all". (Really?) Beezara grows and the Rangers form the Megazord. However, they're having trouble, but then Gosei sends them all new toys. The Sky Brother Zords Hawk, Ptera and Crow form with the Megazord to create The Sky Megazord. They defeat Beezara and the girls make up. 

Well, this was an episode focused on the girls, and to be honest it did it really well. The best friend fighting felt very similar to MMPR and both put in a good performance. The downsides I felt of this episode however was that the fighting was a bit overdone and felt rushed. I really don't like how Zords keep popping up out of nowhere and the absence of Gosei and Tensou is getting 

Still a good episode. It deserves a


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Harmony And Dizchord
March 9th