Saturday, April 30, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode"11"-Unexpected Arrival

Well, not THAT great of an episode. I liked the plot, but Kevin's lines were stupid and very negitive. Antonio CAN act, it's just the way his character is. (Better then Shinkenger's character for him.) It also seems that Saban thinks that an octopus and squid look the same. And no! I don't think there is a gay relationship between Jayden and Antonio. Think about Andros and Zhane's friendship. That is what their relationship is. Overall, 3.5 of 5.

Next Week-Room For One More

Monday, April 25, 2011


According to the Power Rangees official Facebook page and it's home page on, it seems that due to increasing ratings, new episodes of PRSamurai will air on Saturdays at noon starting this Saturday with the episode "Unexpected Arrival" with reruns now being on Sundays instead. GO GO POWER RANGERS. Now all we need are classic episodes and the first 2 episodes. At least they realized their mistake.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The "11th" episode of Samurai "Unexpected Arrival" which features the debut of Antonio the Gold Ranger will air on SATURDAY APRIL 30TH at noon instead of Sunday, May 1st. Nick might have gotten the message.

Power Rangers Samurai Episode "10"-Jayden's Challange

Again, another classic Saban move, but it could have been longer in my opinion. The Bulk and Spike scenes were short and simple and it was cool to see Decker fight Xandred. The music was another good choice, however the music at the last scene felt like a "TO BE CONTINUED" score. Other then that, great lead up to the last episode.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode "9"- Test Of The Leader

HMMMM. This one is hard........NOT!!!!!
This episode was a classic Saban move. Insta morphs, explosions behind people and epic triple fights! Decker's role was very small, but.helped the episode. Spike in love with Mia was funny. Overall, this episode was awesome.

Next week-Jayden's Challange-Part 2

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1 Episode 30-Calamity Kimberly

First time seeing the episode. It was all right. The plot was good and it was cool. However, the Battle Bikes in the episode was confusing. I give this episode a 3/5. Good but not so good.

Next week....Samurai Episode "9": Test Of The Leader: Part 1.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Other Saban Shows That Did Not Succeed

These are the other Saban shows which lasted only about 1 or 2 seasons and got taken over by Power Rangers. Pics come from Toku Central.

2 Seasons 
92 Episodes 
As a kid, I thought it was interesting, but to tell you the truth it wasn't that great of a show. Funny thing is that the Japanese footage that this was taken from was older then "Zyuranger" (the Sentai that adapted MMPR). After it ended, the actress who played Kaitlin (Sarah Brown) got a job on ABC's General Hospital.

1 Season 
40 Episodes 

I have never seen this show (and never will). It was actually introduced in the MMPR Season 2 finale "A Friend In Need". However, this material was also older then "Zyuranger". I remember that Jason Narvy (who played Skull) was the voice of a monster. This is based of the "Karman Rider" franchise in Japan and after this NOTHING was adapted from this again until 2009 when the show "Karman Rider Dragon Knight" came out. It also failed not even showing the final 2 episodes.

2 Seasons 
88 Episodes 

UMMMM......This was a really bad show. The acting was good, but the plots were pointless. I've only seen about I don't know like 4 or 5 episodes. I wanted them to have a team-up with Power Rangers, but that never happened. It only happened in a book with the Turbo Rangers. Jo's actress  was changed mid-way through the 1st season and the show took over PR's ratings for a short time. For some reason in the fall of 1998 after the show was cancelled, Bandai made a toyline called "Bettleborgs B Force" which combined the two.

1 Season
50 Episodes 

This show I have never seen ether. It was the first Saban show to have original footage and even THAT was unsuccessful. Nuff said.

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 8-Forest For The Trees

OK. But not great. Mike got some more character development, Saban Brands have learned that monster's puns are not good and the acting was the same. Decker's getting interesting but they are not showing enough of the main villains. It really doesn't help any. We better get some American original episodes soon. Just adapting from Shinkenger is a good idea, but it doesn't help at some points. Sometimes the plots to Shinkenger are just silly. I just can't wait for Decker and Jayden's fight. 

Since there was no new episode today due to the rerun of last night's KCAs (which by the way was awesome.) I will just watch the classic MMPR episode "Calamity Kimberly" (my first time seeing the episode).

New episodes resume next Sunday with Episode "9": "Test Of The Leader"